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Always considering customer satisfaction, we’ve given 200% since our founding.

Etoile was founded in 1972, and incorporated the next year in 1973 (as Etoile, K.K.). Since then, we have sought to contribute both to society and to the happiness of our employees.

What is a company... Our slogan is “A person lasts a life, a company lasts forever.” Always watching the changes in the economy and in society, we are all working together as a company towards a single goal.

Until about our fifth year, we mostly made low-cost high-volume acrylic boxes as retail containers for supermarkets. With the material cost increases caused by the first and second oil shocks, it soon became clear to me that producing our product as contractors with blueprints provided to us wasn't a sustainable way of doing business.

Founder Tetsuro Kawamoto

In order to stay in business, we would need to utilize the characteristics of acrylic resin, and switch over to the production of displays that are pleasant to the eyes of the consumer, giving them peace of mind. As a first step, the silkscreen printing department was established in 1977. As a second step, the Planning Room (now the Design Room) was created in 1990, giving us the ability to not only production proposals but design proposals as well.

Also, in order to meet the worldwide demand for more speed, and quicker delivery, the three different facilities were united in the current building in 2005, giving us a way to better meet these demands.

We will continue to invest into both equipment and in human resources, anticipating the needs of the times, and continuing to contribute both to society and the happiness of our employees.


  • July 31st 1972
    Etoile Industrial Arts is founded in Nakano District Tokyo
  • October 24th 1973
    Etoile Kabushiki Gaisha (K.K.) is established (Capital of ¥2,000,000)
  • November 30th 1975
    Capital is increased to ¥3,000,000.
  • November 30th 1980
    Capital is increased to ¥5,000,000.
  • July 27th 1983
    A new building is purchased in Kanamecho, Toshima District in Tokyo
    and the company headquarters moves to its current home.
  • March 31st 1984
    Capital is increased to ¥8,000,000.
  • November 29th 1985
    Capital is increased to ¥12,000,000.
  • November 20th 1988
    Capital is increased to ¥18,000,000.
  • December 20th 1988
    Capital is increased to ¥21,600,000 (through 20% stock dividends.)
  • March 29th 1990
    The company acquires land and a new building in Kanamecho, Toshima District in Tokyo.
    The silkscreen printing department is moved there.
  • February 2nd 1992
    Capital is increased to ¥30,000,000.
  • April 1st 1997
    The design and planning department is founded.
  • December 16th 1997
    The land adjoining the workshop is acquired.
    With the new headquarters building completed, all production departments are unified.
  • December 16th 1997
    Capital is increased to ¥50,000,000.
  • February 28th 2010
    The company installs a 3D NC plastic router.
  • July 31st 2012
    Etoile celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

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