Message from the President

Company Information

We're a group of people who love to make things with our hands.

I myself am in my eight year at Etoile. Before that, I was a Human Resources manager at a major corporation. Out of chance, I found myself working at Etoile, and the first thing I felt was how much fun making things was. The craftsmen, designers, and sales representatives involving in producing our products each use the extent of their knowledge in order to make things. This is how they meet the expectations of the client. It's all honest, straightforward work, but I believe this is a honest, straightforward company.

Representative Chairman and President Tsuji Katsuki

A company is forced to change with the times. We are no different.

It is fair to say that the economy isn't currently in great condition. In order to continue making things that satisfy the client, strengthening the organization within the company by utilizing the strengths of the individual is vital. That’s why we're actively strengthening environmental maintenance and education. It is our intent to continue always giving more effort, never forgetting our sense of gratitude towards our clients for choosing us.

On the other hand, there are some things we can’t afford to change. I once asked the founder, "What are Etoile’s strengths?" His answer was "Since we were founded, we have never missed a delivery deadline." This is a company that can do something so often taken for granted in a way that it becomes taken for granted. We must continue to remember this basic tenet if we want to maintain the reputation Etoile has built. Rather than blindly expanding, we will to continue maintaining steady, reliable business. Thus, by first securing stable livelihoods for our employees and their families we can continue to be a company that can meet our client's expectations.

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